Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's a Small Virtual World After All

So I type "bella sara" into the Technorati search engine, as is my habit to do every now and then. I like to see what the world thinks of our little product.

As it turns out, the new temp who's joining us on Monday has blogged about his new gig. He doesn't sound too excited. Oh well. Another job fell through, now he's stuck with us.

It's a weird thing to run across, the blog of a person you're going to meet and work with in a couple of days. After reading a few back entries, I know more about him than any other employee I've ever hired, much less worked with as a temp. I suppose I could try and freak him out by referencing something from his blog. =-) Probably wouldn't work. Probably more grief than it's worth.

Ah well, it'll be fun to see how the internet person compares to the real-life person. It's still freaky feeling.