Friday, November 13, 2009

It's My Turn to Get the Pizza You Asshole I Need it More!

From Slate Magazine

Et tu, Mario?

Wait until Christmas? My wife thinks so...

Jesper Juul, a video-game researcher and professor at NYU's newly minted Game Center, argues that multiplayer games give us three things to balance. Players want to win and they want the game to be fair, but they also need to navigate whatever relationships they have outside the game—that is, if you shoot your friend in the head in Call of Duty, you'll have to answer for that in the offline world. My brother and the jerk from E3 were solely concerned with winning. I mostly cared about the game being fair. None of us, though, sat down and talked about the third factor—what we were planning to do during our journey as in-game teammates.

I recommend the entire article! (Don't worry, it's short)