Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Defining the Brand and the Product with Care

In regards to things I really care about, I hate it when marketers or spokespeople refer to whatever their company creates or does as 'the brand' or 'the product'. Both terms are generic and emotionally detached. For the serious fan of the whatever-it-is, that lack of specificity and emotion is at best irritating and at worst insulting.

In general, I want the people who make or run or manage something I care about to appear to be as emotionally engaged with the thing as I am.  

I'm not that emotionally concerned about Tide, so they can call it "product" as far as I'm concerned.

While it helps, this engagement doesn't have to be 100% sincere. I'm sure Disney employees aren't (all) as jazzed about Disney* as the guests, but when everyone's doing their job right, the guests would never know.

Frequently corporate spokespeople don't show that sort of care for their charge, and it bugs me.


*Some totally are!