Friday, September 07, 2007

Again with the Seth Godin...

What can I say. His world-view helped shape mine. Check out this interview

This quote sums it all up...
The thing is, the stuff that's for everybody is already sold to everybody. So you can't win by being more average than average, because that slot's taken.


Caring about Disney

As both of my regular readers can attest (hi guys!) I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. I didn't really mean to be, I just never had anything good to write when I was at the keyboard. Awesome ideas in the car, but but the keyboard...they were gone! Anyway, I was on vacation again at Disneyland.

Good heavens, I love it there.

If you have a young 'un like me, I really hope you can take them to Disneyland while they're small (my guy is 6, the age I went when I first visited the park.) Not only is it totally fun for everyone, but I get to look back on my experience as a child and realize I'm helping create these same awesome memories for Alex. It really is magical. He loves roller-coasters now. =-)

I've said this before. Disney sells awesome memories. They sell them at a premium price, but I don't mind. I'll keep going back again and again, because I think it's worth it. I have some friends I think would see things like the $2.75 price tag on each bottle of water, $8 for each sandwich and let it ruin the otherwise magical memories. When I'm on vacation, I just switch into 'vacation money' mode, and stop caring what things cost. At least for essentials like food and water! I still use discretion regarding what stuff Alex is allowed to buy. He doesn't ask for much that's unreasonable, thankfully. My opinion: It's expensive, accept it and go have an awesome time. The place is magical.

How do they do it? Well, most of all, I think the cast really cares about what they're doing. I know a lot of Disney employees (my wife's best friend works at the park now) and the best ones, the ones that stick around, really do care about making the guests experience a great one.

I also care about the customer's I work with for Bella Sara. Sometimes I care because the person seems really nice (via e-mail) and sometimes I care for selfish reasons because I want my product/company/job to succeed. I'm not sure one's actually better than the other, provided the motivation is genuine and positive. I think the same is true at Disneyland.

Why people care isn't as important as THAT they care. If you don't care about what you're doing, chances are, you're not doing it very well (certainly not as well as you could be.)