Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pokemon Battle Revolution

I have been taken. I admit it.

The back of the box says:
"Although this Wii game can be played by itself, linking with Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl using your DS may broaden your experience."

What that means is:
"Although this Wii game can technically be played by itself, linking with Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl represents 90% of the game's functionality. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME IF YOU DO NOT OWN A NINTENDO DS AND POKEMON DIAMOND OR PEARL."

Now I have a game that my 6-year old loves, until he realizes that in the 30 minutes he's played it he's explored pretty much all the game has to offer.

If you don't have the DS games (like me) you get to play with your choice of two "Rental Passes" each with a whopping six Pokemon to choose from. Custom Passes, where you get to choose the Pokemon you want to play with are only available to the DS players.

You know what you get for playing with your Rental Passes? Virtual coupons that allow you to upgrade...are your ready?...your Custom Passes and your DS Pokemon.

The WiFi functionality, which was the other reason I bought the game (the first being my son loves Pokemon), is essentially useless because I'm going to be trashed by the players with custom passes. That is, if I'm allowed to play online at all with the Rentals...I haven't tried yet.

Two player functionality, as it's marked on the box. Nope. You need Custom Passes for that too.

I've been duped, and I feel stupid. If I take it back tomorrow I'm out $25 and my six year old will be angry at me. Mostly I'm mad because I waited months for this game, only to find out I'm not allowed to play most of it because the Wii is the first Nintendo product I've ever purchased.

Thanks Nintendo. For everyone else, just to be clear...

Don't by Pokemon Battle Revolution unless you own a Nintendo DS and Pokemon Diamond or Pokemon Pearl.

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