Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finally an MMORPG to be excited about!

Champions MMORPG

Sure, I played D&D back in the 80's, but Champions was MY GAME. It's the last game I played regularly, and I while I could sell my D&D books and not shed a tear, I couldn't stand to lose my beloved Champions books.



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David Fair said...

GWWWAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I am so excited, I just peed a little!

Like you, Champions was my a-number-1 favorite RPG for years.

This is totally going to kick ass. I can't wait. Thanks for posting it or I may never have had something to look forward to for the next 14 months.

I can't wait to recreate some of my favorite heroes from my RPG days... Slide, Paragon, Inertia, Songbird... Where are those character sheets...