Sunday, October 05, 2008

When your worst is good enough

I just bought another pair of shoes from Zappos. My size 13's make it hard to find shoes I like in styles I like. In fact, it's nearly impossible in a brick and mortar store.

Not long after placing my order, they sent me this Email:
Dear Adam Conus,

Good news!

Although you originally ordered Standard (4 to 5 business days) shipping
and handling, we have given your order special priority processing in
our warehouse and are upgrading the shipping and delivery time frame for your
Your order will ship out Monday, October 6th 2008 and be given a special
priority shipping status so that
you can receive your order even faster than we originally promised!

Please note that this is being done at no additional cost to you. It is
simply our way of saying thank you for being our customer.

What does this say to me? Well, I know that everyone gets a message like this, so while I liked it, I know I'm not special or anything. What do I think it really means? I think it means the basic level of shipping/service they reserve for when they are slammed (Christmas, perhaps) and anytime they can provide better-than-promised service, they do.

Smart. That's why I recommend them. (That and their shoes are awesome.)

They also provide a link so I can market for them: My shoes. So thoughtful!


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