Monday, December 29, 2008

Time to Pick One

In today's ourWorld update, we added a "heart" feature. Each player gets exactly one heart that they can give to a single bestest friend.

My ourWorld Crush/Match is my real life wife. Back off girls, he's taken!

Virtual dating on ourWorld is commonplace. Everyone is looking for a bf or gf (mostly girls, as they outnumber boys) and a fair number of players, of both genders, collect virtual sweethearts much the way one collects weapons in a first person shooter. I believe "playa" is the word for their activity.

Now, it seems, each person will have to pick a favorite other person (or not), declared for all ourWorld to see. Time will tell will see how dramatically this changes the social scene.

Already I can see girls becoming each other's BFF's to avoid choosing a single guy. Not sure that will work for guys who, due to their relative scarcity and the number of available girls, are more frequent offenders.

Note: If you are an ourWorld player who just found out you weren't your sweety's favorite, that cheatin' other person didn't deserve you.



||yuna|| said...

ourWorld is an interesting site, i've just joined about 2 days ago and well, hmm.. it needs more features. i feel like i'm doing the same thing over and over and over (dancing, playing games) and it's getting boring. And most of the people there are in the 13-17 range (whom i've met so far)... plus, is it just me, or does no one socialize at all... i've tried socializing with people but they just stand there, walk away, or don't even respond, talk about rude. I think the game itself can be better. It needs more people around the teenage adult group. Oh, and does ourWorld have a forum? if it doesn't i think it needs one. Anyways, enough ranting from me and looking forward to new features and such in the future.

||yuna|| said...

hmm.. i think i'm being too critical >.< i like the game though... =D

AdamConus said...

Most ourWorld players are between 13 and 16 years old. Improving the 'new user' experience is an ongoing campaign. When you first arrive in ourWorld you tend be surrounded by other new players, and nobody really knows what to do. A lot of socializing happens in the private condos more than the public areas. You need to be a paying member to get a condo, but anyone can visit them. A forum is coming soon, as are lots of new features.