Friday, January 09, 2009

Twas the Season...In Pictures!

One of the high points of my ourWorld holiday season was dressing up as Santa. I took a lot of in-game photos, visible on the ourWorld Photos Flickr account.

I received a lot of requests. The kids wanted, in order of popularity:
  1. A pony (an off-color inside joke, I think)
  2. A girlfriend/boyfriend. Sometimes specific, sometimes general.
  3. Money
  4. World Peace
  5. Puppy
To be fair, money and peace were a toss up, with money gaining a slight edge towards the end. My avatar now looks like it does in the sidebar here. That image is automatically updated and yes, you can click it to join ourWorld.


1 comment:

Tiltedhalo86 said...

off color inside joke, yes, but a darn funny one! :P (you know just about any joke max and i start is going to be off color lol)