Thursday, April 23, 2009

ourWorld - Lookin' Good!

Welcome to the crowd!

No stormy skies in ‘ourWorld’ as virtual world maker raises cash
by John Cook
“OurWorld” has already attracted a whopping 1.3 million registered users. Many of those have signed up in the past two months following a crucial marketing partnership with the online gaming portal, Miniclip.

That’s the same distributor that helped Club Penguin, the wildly popular virtual world for kids that was sold to Disney for up to $700 million in 2007. Morton says that Miniclip has on the order of 57 million unique visitors each month, a tremendous base of traffic from which to draw.

In the next two months, Morton estimates that registered users for “ourWorld” will surpass two million. Much of that growth is being driven by Miniclip deal, which features an embedded version of “ourWorld” on its Web site.

Yep, that's about it.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sir. When I clicked on your image and made it closer. It contains things like playtest so I was wondering that it would good if you want to hide those things because there are alot of non-Volunteers get to playtest that way because they get a clue and they just start typing. Suddenly they gets to playtest.

AdamConus said...

Yes, I should probably hide that. If I get more than 40 hits in a single day, I promise to take action. :)