Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Trust Comes from not Sucking

I get my internet from Comcast. It's expensive, but it's fast and generally reliable.  They also provide some cool features every now and then, and based on an Email I just received, I thought maybe they had a new one I could use.

It says: You now have acccess to Secure Backup and Sharing.  You see, I just lost a bunch of data from a failed hard drive, maybe I'm interested in this. *Click*

Here's the Email. Activate now...it's included. Sweet.  If I want more than two GB of space, I need to pay extra. That's how these things work, so that's cool.  Quick & Easy. *Click*

Activate, yes, I want to activate. Easier yes, it's easier. I get it. *Click*

What the hell?  What happened to 'included', what happened to 'easy'.  They sent the friggin' Email to this account, on this computer.  There are no instructions in the Email they sent me, not counting claims of how easy it is. I've invested less than 5 minutes in this "Easy" and "Secure" system, and I've already decided there is NO WAY I can trust them.  No place to click, no further instructions, just a big, fat, sorry, we didn't mean YOU, minus the sorry.




OUR WORLD 008 said...

Sir, so basically u are saying that Comcast is a type of internet that is expensive but faster. And if u lost ur data from ur hard-drive then they have the back-up files for u right? like back-up plan incase of crashing a computer.

AdamConus said...

The files I lost were not backed up, so they may be gone for good. The service I describe may have been a solution, but not if it fails me before I even get to look at it.

Anonymous said...

Sir ! U Mean that is a rip off ? LOOL