Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snail Mail Mayhem

by Adam

We get a pile of mail-in ourWorld payments each day.  Most have $10 as that's the deal we promote for mail-in payments and it's a pretty good deal, overall.  In a few cases we've received envelopes full of hundreds, though sadly that doesn't happen very often. Sometimes we get things that are a bit out of the ordinary...

Four ones, thirty dimes, and twelve quarters. Before I opened it, I was afraid it would be pennies!

Very cute anime style girl. 

Coins! Gems! The little girl in the middle is saying "ourWorld"

If I could, I'd vote for more art and less coins (seriously kids, it's not a great idea to mail cash!) but both are awesome!



Anonymous said...

ourWorld should open another mail box maybe for gan mails,maybe gifts to the awesome STAFF,and all kind if drawings like these. Hehe.

Agent 29 said...

Those drawings are so cute. I actually smiled when I saw them ^_^

I wouldn't mind getting an envelope full of hundreds though!

Anonymous said...

im kinda slow, why is it bad to mail cash .-.?
And, I think I'll send a drawing next time too :D
Expect it ;)

AdamConus said...

For us, it's great for you to mail cash. Yay, cash! For you, it's risky because if the mail goes missing, and it does every now and then, you're just out the money. Checks and money orders are far safer ways to mail in payments.

Anonymous said...

that makes sense o.o
Thank you good sir!