Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some Weapons Bad, Some Weapons Cool

I'm not a fan of guns or tanks or most weapons of war. I do find them to be intriguing machines, but I can't get past the horrible reality of thier intended purpose.  When I see a tank, for example, I see a tool for killing first and an impressive piece of machinery second.  Guns, as a rule, hold no interest for me whatsoever. For some reason, warplanes are a different story. I am so impressed by them that I easily forget their purpose, and as such really enjoy them.  Even being aware of the horrors of the Great War, WWI planes, in particular, I just love.

 Get that limey, Red Baron!

Slightly on topic, I think this explains why I prefer fantastic combat games to gritty reality. From Warhammer 40k to Unreal Tournament (yes, I'm behind the times in my FPS's)  There is one exception. I seem to be able to mow down legions of Nazis and not feel even the smallest tinge of guilt.


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