Thursday, September 23, 2010

ourWorld Mobile!

While we're just getting into what a cool ourWorld mobile app (or apps) might be, the latest version of Flash for Android has real ourWorld running, for real, on a phone.

I'm annoyed I have an iPhone for the very first time!

To be fair, it's runs pretty darn slow, but run it does.  



Pure Skittles said...

Dang, I agree. I just got an iPhone too. The glories if an iPhone.

CK BraceFacee said...

Yay! Wylde is back.

Galaxy Flow Maker said...

well, people are over excited on the forum for the new app for ourWorld. Even though if it runs slowly, it would be still pretty cool actually because a lot of people likes to travel so now they can travel + play ourWorld game at the same time. when was this app added on Iphone?

Anonymous said...

Awsome but i beleave they spent Loads of money doing it = paying to play the game on Iphone O.o
Yah guys everything has a price lawl!
Also i dont have iphone so for meh its ok if there is an app or not :P

- xXRikitoXx

AdamConus said...

It's not on iPhone, because it CAN'T run Flash (or ourWorld)

The photo is from an ANDROID phone, which can now watch the latest Flash, and by extension, ourWorld!

AdamConus said...

Better clarify that it's NOT an app. It's just a phone running Flash.

OwElite Diana said...

i hope it will work on psp,too

Heavens said...

Hello well my phone is an Android but it never works for me when I go to ourWorld in my phone
And if you want android I have its a G1 android phone.