Thursday, June 07, 2007

Playstation Thrii

The media's starting to jump all over the PS3 and how it's failing compared to the Wii and the Xbox360. I admit it, even though I was a faithful Sony fan (PS1 and PS2 owner) the PS3 was simply too expensive to buy. It's funny, because when you say that, I always get the same responses:

It plays Blue-Ray
It plays DVDs
It Plays PS2 Games
You get the On-Line Service for Free
Look at the graphics!
If you add it all together, it's worth what you pay.

No. It isn't. I don't want any of those things, except for the graphics and the on-line service (which Wii purports to support, but so far, nuthin!)

I'll go on record as saying I don't get Blue-Ray or HDDVD. It's easy to see why CDs are better than tapes and records. It's really easy to see why DVDs are better then VHS. I don't see any reason AT ALL to ditch DVDs for the new, 'better' format. How clear does the picture need to be? Yes, I have an HDTV, though granted an older one.

Somebody please explain why my DVD collection needs replaced? Also, Super Mario Party 8 on the Wii is mucho-fun-O!

As for the PS3. It'll only really hurt when Grand Turismo 5 is released. Oooooooh...that's going to hurt a LOT.


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