Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Squidoo, Part Two (Woo Hoo?)

I'm still not sure how successful is. I've set up several lenses and they get some traffic. The Bella Sara Lens gets around 400-600 hits per week, which is by far my most successful. Roughly 100x the traffic of any other lens I've built.

Here at Hidden City Games we're hoping that fan sites for Bella Sara start popping up, but even more so than our old game, Clout, the user-base for Bella Sara doesn't seem to interested in Web 2.0. Oh well. I suspect that's to be normal when dealing with what is really a product for youngsters.

While doing a web search, a Bella Sara Facebook site came up, and while I'm a little dubious of that sort of format, I added a link to the Facebook site to my Squidoo site. So far, I can't tell if anyone from the either site has checked out the other. I wish I could. I do know my Squidoo site's rating fell from #111 (out of 150,000) to the mid 900's since adding the Facebook link. I worry that there's a connection. Normally when I add content and links, the lensrank goes up slightly. No so much this time.


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