Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Gary Gygax - RIP

Reported by CNN

I never met Gary, though I believe he made several trips to the Wizards of the Coast offices while I was working there. If I did pass him in the halls or attended a function he was at, I am unaware of it. I sort of wish I had made more of an effort to shake his hand back when I would have had the chance to.

I've said before that everything great about gaming sprouts from revolutionary ideas. Dungeons & Dragons is a great example of that. While D&D is over 30 years old, the spirit that created it remains the future of our hobby. A hobby that defines so many of us in so many profound ways. It's our work, our play, our imaginations given form. Gary Gygax was a pivotal figure in bringing all of that to all of us. Thanks.

Gary's heaven is a heaven I look forward to.


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