Saturday, August 09, 2008

YoVille, a few days later

YoVille did an update yesterday changing a couple of things.
  1. Added a chat filter, replacing many swearwords with 'yadda'. This has created my favorite YoVille term, 'motheryaddaer'. While not empirical, I've noticed swearing (by dodging the filter) increase by a huge margin since the filter has been put into place, though it is likely the newness of it has spawned a lot of boundary-testing. I found the lack of a filter refreshing, but am not at all surprised it has been added. I guess teens will have to satisfy their swearing needs in real life.
  2. Added Trades. The concept of virtual world trading has a lot of pitfalls, but my naivete shielded me from a big one. "16yo for sale", meaning a bit of cybersex for some virtual coins. Virtual prostitution, it seems. Either the offers are scams, or they're not. For once, I hope there's a lot of scamming going on. When we add trading to ourWorld, I am going to be on this issue like a motheryaddaer.
Now, I'm 38. What that basically means is I have no business being on YoVille according to most of the inhabitants. The usual coversation is:

Where you from"
"How old are you?"

At that point I have to lie, be evasive, or fess up and the conversation is OVER. I've decided never to lie about my age (or anything) in a VW, so I have a lot of short conversations. Thanks to "Grown Up" parties in YoVille, I've experienced some nice chats with nice people, but outside of those chats, my presence is unwanted. I think I come off as creepy.

Truth is, working on ourWorld has got me a bit addicted to Virtual Worlds. I usually like the few kids who tolerate my presence after knowing I'm an oldster. I like gaming online. I just need to get over the fact that even though I work on a Virtual World, they aren't for me (at least not any I know of.)



Anonymous said...

I find that when I DO tell my age, most don't believe me. As a rule, I just tell them 'it's a game' age doesn't matter. Sometimes that satisfies them. Offer enough openings and you'll generally find someone to chat with. I enjoy those times - and saving money to decorate my place! LOL - silly but fun.

Anonymous said...

I am 43 and addicted to YoVille am part of the ever increasing YOT group (YoVille Citizen's over 30). Have had some amazing conversations with many people about children, vacations, economy, and more.

Love decorating my apartment and the fact that it always stays CLEAN!

Candace YOForties

Ray said...

Im a fan and definitely a YOT. I'm 50 and seem to be the oldest person around. Ive met quite a few 40 somethings. I find it fun even though it is childish in some ways.
I talk to a lot of people and always admit my age. People mostly accept the person if they are polite and fair regardless of age.

Anonymous said...

At 41-11, I'm definitely qualified to be a YOT. (Didn't want to start with a 5, so I turned 39-11 a couple of years ago. Liked the -11 so much that I decided to keep it... at least until I'm a YOS.) My friend who got me started here is MUCH older than I am, so not to worry: there are more like us out there... as a matter of fact, my MOTHER just started playing.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm 62 and my YOT daughter got me hooked! I don't care about talking to anyone I just like to listen and watch, go to work and then decorate and redecorate! Oh, and change clothes. its fun to see how others decorate too.