Friday, February 12, 2010

Step 3: Profit!

Flowplay got a great write-up in TechFlash

Step 2 is 'make a kick-ass virtual world' (Step 1 is just to impress potential investors)

To see ourWorld grow and succeed over the last couple of years has been and remains truly exciting. Big thanks to the players who have shown extraordinary support for ourWorld. Without you guys, it's all for nothin'.



xWolfofSorrow said...

I've really seen a lot of these things, I always thought it was a meme of some sort. Could you elaborate on this just a little more?

AdamConus said...

The article is a nice little write-up about how ourWorld has recently started turning a profit while our competitors are starting to fail. The image is the Underpants Gnomes from South Park, originally an allegory for internet business. Not much more to it than that.

Olivia said...

I find the idea of making my own virtual world very interesting, but i am only seventeen.. Also i recently found this out about myself that i love graphic designing and engineering, i thought maybe, some how i could bring my two loves together in another thing i love, technology :)I was wondering if you had any tips on how i can embrace my loves even though i'm 17. Sadly, my school dosen't have a program where we can learn about graphic designing and organizing. By the way i find these tips very helpful :] (and so does my mom! O_O)

AdamConus said...

There's no easy way to build a virtual world, but you've got the right idea. No one person can do it, so you need to find a few people who will compliment your talents and skills. If you find the right people, some amazing things can happen. The ourWorld staff are mostly geniuses, so if you know any, those are the people you want on your team. If, like me, you're not a genius, surrounding yourself with them is the next best thing.