Thursday, March 04, 2010

Culture of Crime

When players find a loophole in a game that benefits them, most will exploit that loophole. In regards to online games, my view has always been that if it's possible, it's allowed. It's up to the designers and programmers to prevent and close loopholes, and not the players to police themselves.

In the case of ourWorld, a recent loophole closure prevented players from using 'dummy' accounts to buff up their main accounts through the game's gifting system. Many players had dozens of accounts, and a few had hundreds. Use of these dummy accounts let players get items that normally cost real money for free, in potentially unlimited amounts.

Here's the thing, we're not certain that practice was actually bad for the game. It may be that some number of Gems (the for-real-money currency of ourWorld) greater than we currently provide for free is what's best for the game's success. We're looking quite hard at this, actually. I'm not at all certain what the answer here is.

I am certain that closing the loophole was the correct course of action from a cultural standpoint. I think large numbers of players knowingly scamming a game is toxic to the community. Players shouldn't feel like they have to run what is obviously a scam to get the results they want from a game. Players who choose not to run the scam shouldn't feel like they're foolish for leaving 'free stuff' on the table. The entire situation creates discord and I'm glad that we've put a stop to it.

If it is decided that more free Gems injected into the ourWorld community is best for everyone, the process should be done inside the game, in a manner that's above board and for everyone. If it's not, well, then our job will be to make sure the game with the current level of Gem awards is still drop-dead-amazing. Time to go back to work!



x Ria x said...

So you mean your going to put the gifting back? O_O, if it is, i don't think it's a very good idea.

AdamConus said...

Gifting will be reactivated for all level 25+ accounts, starting Monday.

I'm pretty comfortable with this.

x Ria x said...

I don't think it's really necessary to be really honest, The activate gifting by purchase was a pretty good idea. why would anyone who doesn't buy gems and earn it the hard way (surveys, gem codes) and collect them gift someone else anyway?, I thought what you did before was totally fair. But if you feel comfortable with it than it's alright :))

have to say though i wouldn't mind 1 or 2 level 25 accounts myself ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well Adam im copying some of yours posts to the forums i hope u dont get mad i think they are usefull and i put your name in the tittle . See y around!