Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Magic is Gone

Not really. In fact, I've still got boxes of the stuff. =-)

I'm done selling on E-Bay for a while. Partly because I've made roughly twice as much as I expected from my old Beta cards, but mostly because it's totally StReSsInG Me OuT!

Magic buyers are a lot more serious than RPG book buyers. They pay a lot for the cards and they're very particular about every little thing. I get that, but it's really hard to deal with. I got my first non-positive feedback (neutral, which isn't so bad...) and it bothers the crap out of me.
I offered the guy his money back, but that wasn't good enough. Oh well...

In case you want to know what Magic cards are going for in the new millenium...Click Here (The auctions are over. I wouldn't use this blog to sell stuff.

All I have left to do is ship...and fret that it all arrives okay.


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