Thursday, February 28, 2008

Define "Casual"

Casual games have the reputation of being the current 'in' trend in video gaming. With the Wii, success of Popcap and other online puzzle makers, and kids sites, it's easy to see how the market is growing. The barriers to entry on this type of gaming activities have never been lower. The games are available, easy to play, free or extremely inexpensive. One other defining characteristic is that established hobby-type video game players resent this trend.

I think they have a valid gripe. Talented game designers are being tapped to create these games to the exclusion of other, more traditional 'hobby' type games. It's an easy choice for publishers to make, as their profit margins have the potential to be great.

I was going to predict what this meant for the industry, but honestly I'm not sure. I guess I'll just leave it as an observation.

Does this mean anything to the future of the hard-core video game player and/or publisher?


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