Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Go with the Flow

In my week-long search to remain an industry insider, I've already had a couple of job interviews. I try to remain calm at these things, but when the outcomes of these meetings are determining the future security of my family, well, nerves do set in. Hopefully I represented myself well.

The first was on Monday with Wizkids, which was cool. I like their products and I love how they have opened up the gaming market with new genres. In fact, that they've done it twice is remarkable. Pre-painted plastic miniatures, first. More recently with the die-cut plasti-card games. In my opinion, innovation like that is how you succeed. Being a part of a company that shares my vision on the path to success is extremely appealing.

Today's interview was with Flowplay. They're an online gaming service and I have to say I was mightily impressed. I'm really hoping they were half as impressed with me as I was with them.
Derrick, if you read this, I loved your hat. With our without me, I think they have a great shot at success. Of course, with me, their chances improve by at least 10%. =-)

It'll be a week (at least) before I hear from either of them. Wish me luck!


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