Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trading Card Games aren't really addicting

Starbucks shut down for 3 hours yesterday. I sort of knew it was going to happen, but didn't really pay any attention because, like most people, I don't buy much coffee in the afternoon. Of course, every form of media picked up on the story and Starbucks received a massive amount of publicity. I would be amazed if, when it all gets added up, they lost a meaningful number of sales.

What if Wizards of the Coast decided not to publish a Magic expansion for a cycle? They've kept the same schedule for years: Big expansion in the fall, small expansions in the Spring and Summer. What if one spring they chose to not release anything. Spring is, traditionally, the softest season for game sales.

Would anticipation build, like a popular movie or video game sequel? Would people freak out? Would people just shrug their shoulders and note "they release too many expansions, anyway"?

For the record, I'm voting against the Freak Out option. Also for the record, that's what you're shooting for with your game.


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